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The organization of the Christian Church in Hebron was an outgrowth of religious meetings conducted by Lemuel Shortridge in the public grove and in the old school house. Religious excitement ran high in the summer and fall of 1877, for the summer long revival had profound psychological effects on the people of the community and imbued others with the desire to establish a church after the plan of the New Testament.

This it was, that a group gathered for a meeting that organized the Christian Church of Hebron, Indiana. This was done on September 16, 1877 at Sweeney Hall. At this meeting the following was unanimously adopted:
"Whereas the Christian Church of Hebron, Porter County, Indiana (as respects the keeping of the ordinances) in a state of suppression for some time past, and whereas the Lord by His word and providence has called us to reorganization and recognition of our duties; we whose names are hereunto subscribed do hereby declare our intention, God being our helper, to unite together as members of the "Church of God in Christ" to be guided, ruled, and governed by the Apostles' teaching contained in the New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ."

The first minister regularly employed was A.B. Maston whose pastorate continued over a period of two years. It was during his pastorate that the first house of worship was built in 1878 at a cost of $1,200.

From early years until 1911 a great many of the ministers served half-time, but since 1911 the church has had full-time service. Through the years since the beginning, when the church was without a minister for whatever the cause, the Lord's Table was always spread. Through the years with the various ministers many meetings and revivals have been held with many accepting Christ as their Savior. Almost from the first, youth work has been encouraged along with worship services and Bible School. The Missionary Society of the Christian Church was organized by H. Williams who was the minister from 1926-1929. The missionary work has steadily grown through the years until at the present time twenty-five percent of the church's total budget goes to missions. The church currently helps support 11 missions both nationally and abroad.


In the spring of 1910 Mrs. Elsie Folsom and Mrs. Minnie Fehrman, two of the remaining charter members, broke the sod for the remodeling. The art windows in the auditorium were donated by two sisters and a brother who lived on their farm west of town. The south windows were from a retired farmer who had been an invalid for years. The windows in the back of the sanctuary were also donated by various families, the C.E. Group and the Ladies Aid Society during the early years of the church. During the services of Elmer Knots, 1920-1923, the section called the old kitchen was added. While David Watterworth was minister, 1943-1947, another remodeling project was completed. In this project the baptistery was moved from the where the Communion Table presently sets to its present location, and the wall built in front of it, a new heating system was also installed. The ground was dug out and a basement installed under the kitchen and under the Sunday School room. Two inside rest rooms were also installed.

Soon after this remodeling the need for more classrooms was evident. A building fund project was started and encouraged. This continued through the pastorates of Logan Dunham and Earl Shaw. Finally in June 1959, with Robert Tinsky as minister, the work was started. During that time the building was moved back twenty feet. The entire basement was excavated, a new foundation was put in place. The slanting floor in the auditorium was removed and replaced with a level floor. The walls were repaired and redecorated. New seats were placed in the auditorium. The entire church floor was covered with tile. A fine grade entrance was installed at the back, and the rest of the old kitchen was made into a secretary's office and minister's study.

Two new restrooms were installed in the basement. Three classrooms were constructed on the west end with a big storage room and furnace room at the northwest corner. In the east end a big kitchen was constructed with all new cupboards and plumbing. A new heating system was installed.

The open basement is used for a worship center, fellowship hall and classrooms. The basement has a completely new lighting system. The church parsonage located to the east of the church was completely remodeled in 1962-1962, and in 1964-1965 a two-car garage was constructed at the rear of the parsonage. During the ministry of Russell Tague, the sanctuary was once again remodeled to its present design. In the mid 1980's, the theater seats were replaced with cushioned pews, new carpeting installed and the stage area enlarged.